Introduction Kyoor

Kyoor is a superfood combination of tropicalfruits that are very high in phytonutrients andblended with Ashwaganda Herb which is a veryimportant adoptogen as a Nerve Tonic.

This mixture will be able to improve, help &generate physical & emotional health of thebody.

What is Kyoor

Anti-oxidant | Anti-inflammatory | Anti-diabetic | Anti-cancer | Anti-aging

In The Pioneer Newspaper, it was stated that WHOhas recognized the Research done by KGMU. In theresearch, it was found that the active ingredients,namely ashwaganda and mango, contain antiviralingredients that can be used for the prevention andhealing of Covid19. This means that the 2 ingredientswe use in it, namely Ashwaganda and mango, arereally effective from an antioxidant and anti-viralpoint of view. This is the advantage.

In fact, Ashwaganda is very famous as anenergy-generating supplement since Ayurvedawas introduced 2000 years ago. Ashwagandaand Mango are natural saviors, much betterthan medical drugs. It seems to be an agentthat prevents viruses from conquering ourcells.

The Power of Ashwaganda Herbs!

(Biological Effects of Ashwaganda Herbs in FoodSupplements)


Increases the formation and production ofurine.


Ingredients that burn and increase metabolism.

Substances that can constrict blood vessels.

Prevents joint inflammation.

Substances that strengthen the body system.

A substance capable of killing worms orparasites.

Substances that treat inflammation..

Substances that reduce stress, provide calmness and balance.

Substances that stimulate sexual desire.

Why do you need to eat Kyoor?

Are you faced with problems like below?

  • Dealing with chronic digestive problems
  • The body’s immune system is low @ weak
  • Restless
  • Depression
  • Often become “FORGETFUL
  • Restless sleep and difficulty sleeping at night
  • “Bland” intercourse
  • Often tired
  • Nerve and joint pain
  • Vaginal discharge and a uterus that is notstrong enough to experience a miscarriage.

Are these symptoms normal?

The use of (Ashwaganda) and a combination oftropical fruits and sunnah foods can help alleviatethese symptoms and support well-being.



Bad memory

Low libido

Often sick

Extreme anxiety

Low endurance (mentally/physically)

Joint pain)

Diseases of the nervous system

Advantages of Kyoor

How is Kyoor? Can Help Generate Better Health?

Compared to other products, the effectiveness can bemeasured through the health screening Blood Morphology Test.

Where the rich and high content of anti-oxidants can helpproduce beautiful and normal red blood cells.

Floating on its own means that these blood cells aresufficiently full of Oxygen that the body needs.
It can also remove toxins and diseases through its blood plasma.

The special thing about it is that it has the activeingredient of the Ashwaganda Root Herb mixture as aNerve Tonic.

You can get various benefits when the combination ofFitronutrient from Tropical fruits, Honey,Habatussauda and Ashwaganda herb is used as yourdaily supplement.

Trusted by over 21,000 Users in Just 3 Months!

KYOOR is produced in a facility that practices a safe & cleanmanufacturing system, and is certified under KKM & Halal JAKIM. KKM : 040221/01/125 / JAKIM 700-2/3/1 116-02/2021